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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Construction Completed in 1894

This famous Grade One Listed bascule bridge was designed in 1884 by Horace Jones, the City Architect, in collaboration with John Wolfe Barry, and took 8 years to construct.
The high level walkways, joining the two towers, were provided for use by pedestrians when the deck was raised. These walkways were however closed in 1910 due to the lack of use; pedestrians were prepared to wait until the deck was re-lowered.
The deck is raised on average 500 times a year. This reflects the reduction in river traffic since the bridge was built; the deck was raised 655 times during the first month of opening. It is however estimated that 38,000 road vehicles now use the bridge each day.

Details about Tower Bridge were obtained from the Tower Bridge Web Site (http://www. which has many more interesting facts about the Bridge and information about the "Tower Bridge Experience".

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