Aberchalder Suspension Footbridge


Aberchalder Suspension Bridge

Aberchalder Suspension Bridge

Constructed in 1854

Aberchalder Bridge spans the River Oich, near Loch Ness in Scotland. The 150ft span suspension bridge was designed by James Dredge, once owner of the Norfolk Brewery. He patented his design in 1836, his invention was referred to as the 'Taper Principle'. The suspension chain consists of a number of parallel wrought-iron bars which reduce by one bar at each link from the pier to mid span, resulting in a single bar at mid span.

Each half span is theoretically self supporting and able to act as a cantilever.

The bridge was restored for pedestrian use in the 1990's. A view of the restored structure can be found at the ′geograph′ web site.

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