Welcome to my website

*Having spent many a happy hour on the phone trying to resolve problems I have had with design and assessment codes, I thought some form of 'notice board' may be useful. By 'pinning up' my solution to the problems then other Engineers may benefit, or may offer a better solution.
If you have a bridge design or assessment query then send me an Email and I may be able to help, if not I may know someone who can.

I hope you find my tutorials and workshop pages useful. I have also provided some links to additional resources:

  • Codes & Books - A selection of books and manuals which contain guidance on design and links to suppliers.
  • Bridge Pictures - A selection of bridge pictures showing different types of bridges and some useful facts about them.
  • Links - A list of useful Websites.
  • Site Map - There is a site map showing the contents of my site in case you get lost!