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Select the area of the bridge that you want details about.

If you are starting a design then select the 'Deck'

and read the section on 'Preliminary Design'.

Bridge Components Parapets Drainage Drainage Joints Joints Bearings Bearings Abutments Abutments Deck Pier Footing/Foundation Footing/Foundation Footing/Foundation Wing Wall Wing Wall

Bridge Components Parapets Drainage Joints Bearings Abutments Deck Pier Footing/Foundation Footing/Foundation Wing Wall

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These Design Notes have been prepared to help understand the different elements of a bridge and a basic guide for choosing a suitable solution for a highway structure.
Users of these design notes should verify for themselves the appropriateness of any design solution which they use to suit their own particular conditions. David Childs has prepared these notes to assist designers, but he takes no responsibility for how they are used.

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Bridge Design Notes available in .pdf format

A pdf document of the Design Notes section contained on this website. The document contains notes regarding the Choice of Abutment, Choice of Bearings, Preliminary Design, Reinforced Concrete Decks, Prestressed Concrete Decks, Composite Decks, Steel Box Girders, Steel Truss Decks, Cable Stayed Decks, Suspension Bridges, Drainage Systems, Choice of Foundations, Choice of Deck Joints, Choice of Parapet, Choice of Pier and Choice of Wing Wall. The list of design standards for each section is also included.

Price: £15.00 GBP