Gateshead Millennium Footbridge

Gateshead Millennium Footbridge

Construction Completed in 2000

The Gateshead Millennium Footbridge Bridge is a unique moving bridge which operates similar to an "eyelid"; it has been dubbed the eyelid bridge.
In November 2000 the 800t steel bridge was carried by a floating crane 8km up the River Tyne from its assembly yard. Once lowered onto bearing plates the 105m wide crossing was winched sideways to achieve a final 1mm accuracy for 80 securing bolts to be added.

Gateshead Millennium Footbridge Profile

In the raised position the profile of the arch is designed to mirror the steel arch "Tyne Bridge" adjacent to the footbridge. The Tyne Bridge was opened in October 1928 at the cost of £694,000. The new Millennium footbridge cost £22,000,000.

Details about the Millennium Bridge were obtained from Bennett Associates and articles in the New Civil Engineer.

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